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Following errors should be fixed in second printing, published in 2011.  Please let me know if you find other errors!!  Thanks!!!

Cover: Ken Feingold missing from list

p. 17.  Henry James should be William James.

p. 35  col 1, 4th line from bottom:  Ornitorrinco should be Rara Avis (1996).

p. 37 Esther Polak is a Dutch artist.  Ieva Auzina is a Latvian artist.

p. 116. SPONGE and FOAM – Chris SALTER, Laura FARABOUGH, Sha Xin WEI (Sponge); Maja KUZMANOVIC and Nik GAFFNEY (FoAM)

p. 188 Jonah Brucker-Cohen should be identified as creator of Police State (the illustrated example of Carnivore), but was edited out from my original text.

p. 267, col 1, last para: should read: Rauschenberg’s IR TV and transmitters… Oyvind’s chemical reactions…  col 2 first para first line: should read: … relays etc. It  [lowercase ‘t’]

p. 268, col 1, 2nd para, Strike:  “To ensure… these environments.”   [redundant]

Written by Edward Shanken

June 26, 2009 at 1:39 pm

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