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Art in America (US) New in Books: Art and Electronic Media 

Rhizome (US) A New History for New Media: A Review of Edward Shanken’s Art and Electronic Media,” by Carolyn Kane

We Make Money Not Art (Belgium) “Book Review” by Regine Debatty

Neural (Italy)  “New Media Art Reviews” by Alessandro Ludovico .pdf

Lähikuva. (Finland) Review by Jussi Parikka.  English translation on Parikka’s website, Machinology.

ETC (Canada) Art and Electronic Media: Firing a Canon at the History of Art” by Pau Waelder.

EFE (Spanish equivalent of Reuters and AP; synd. Latin America) El último libro del ayer y el hoy del arte del mañana: el electrónico by Belén Palanco. English Translation

Zeitschrift für Medienwissenschaft (Journal of the Society for Media Studies, Germany) Videokunst aus Drei Perspectiven” by Chris Wahl.

ABC (newspaper of record in Spain) Tender Cables Hacia lo Electrónico” by José Manuel Costa. English Translation

Image [&] Narrative 10:3 (Belgium):  “Review Articles” by Jan Baetens (2009)

Aesthetica (UK): “New Art Releases: Art and Electronic Mediaby Cherie Federico (July 2009)

Il Sole 24 Ore (Major Italian newspaper):  “Fulminati dall’Arte Elettronica” by Angela Vettese. (Spain) “Toward a History of Electronic Art, part 1” (Spanish and English) by Pau Waelder. English .pdf

Exhibart (Italy):I Sette Sentieri Dell’Arte Elettronico” Interview with Edward Shanken about Art and Electronic Media by Valentina Tanni (July 2009)  (English)

Rain Taxi (US) “Art and Electronic Media” review by Joel Weishaus

Australian Design Review (Australia) Art and Electronic Media review by Gillian Serisier

Library Journal Xpress Reviews: First Look at New Books

Arte (Italy): “Arte e Tecnologia. Una solida unione impossibile. Dalla scultura cinetica alle frontiere della digital art” by Cara Ronza, (May, 2009), p 175.

Fine Homes and Estates “Art and Technology” (Spring, 2009), p 8.

Art World (UK): “Art and Electronic Media” by Emily Butler, (April 2009)

Caldaria (US) “The Beat Goes On” by G.W. Smith.

Grafitat (Equador): Art and Electronic Media,” by Andres Salgado

Good Reads (user reviews and ratings), 2009 – present

“From the Posthistorical to the Future” by Joke X. Wilson, review, (March 2009)

Tiago Pavan’s Twitter (March 2009)

Neo2|Blog by Maria Bernal, (February 2009)

Written by Edward Shanken

March 15, 2009 at 3:36 pm

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