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Caldaria “The Beat Goes On” by G.W. Smith, 2014

Good Reads (user reviews and ratings), 2009 – present

ETC (Canada): Art and Electronic Media: Firing a Canon at the History of Art” by Pau Waelder, (No. 89, Mar 2010)

Zeitschrift für Medienwissenschaft: Videokunst aus Drei Perspectiven” (Three Perspectives on Videoart) by Chris Wahl (Apr 2010)

We Make Money Not Art: “Book Review” by Regine Debatty (Nov 2009)

Neural“New Media Art Reviews” by Alessandro Ludovico (Nov 2009) .pdf

Art in America: New in Books:  Art and Electronic Media” (July 2009) (Spain): “Toward a History of Electronic Art, part 1” (Spanish and English) by Pau Waelder (English .pdf, July 2009)

Image [&] Narrative 10:3 (Belgium):  “Review Articles” by Jan Baetens (2009)

Aesthetica (UK): “New Art Releases: Art and Electronic Mediaby Cherie Federico (July 2009)

Exhibart (Italy):I Sette Sentieri Dell’Arte Elettronico” by Valentina Tanni (July 2009)  (English)

Rhizome: “A New History for New Media: A Review of Edward Shanken’s Art and Electronic Media,” by Carolyn Kane, (June 2009)

Machinology: “Art and Electronic Media” review by Jussi Parikka (June 2009).  In Finnish in the journal, Lähikuva (April 2009)

Rain Taxi: “Art and Electronic Media” review by Joel Weishaus (Summer, 2009)

Australian Design Review: “Art and Electronic Media” review by Gillian Serisier, (June 2009)

Library Journal Xpress Reviews: First Look at New Books” (May, 2009)

Arte (Italy): “Arte e Tecnologia. Una solida unione impossibile. Dalla scultura cinetica alle frontiere della digital art” by Cara Ronza, (May, 2009), p 175.

Fine Homes and Estates “Art and Technology” (Spring, 2009), p 8.

Art World (UK): “Art and Electronic Media” by Emily Butler, (April 2009)

Il Sole 24 Ore (Italy):  “Fulminati dall’Arte Elettronica” by Angela Vettese, (April 2009), p. 37.

EFE (Spain; synd. Latin America): “El último libro del ayer y el hoy del arte del mañana: el electrónico” by Belén Palanco, (April, 2009)
English Translation

ABCD Las Artes y Las Letras (Spain): “Tender Cables Hacia lo Electrónico” by José Manuel Costa, (April, 2009)
English Translation

Grafitat (Equador): Art and Electronic Media,” by Andres Salgado, (March, 2009)

“From the Posthistorical to the Future” by Joke X. Wilson, review, (March 2009)

Tiago Pavan’s Twitter (March 2009)

Neo2|Blog by Maria Bernal, (February 2009)


Written by Edward Shanken

March 15, 2009 at 3:36 pm

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